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In November 2015, during a live recording of Design Details with Randy Hunt at Etsy, an audience member—Aaron Moodie—asked the question “What keeps you up at night?”. Over time, this became a regular question on the podcast. I found some answers comforting, others made me question my own priorities, some were a reality check, and some gave me a good laugh. I decided to start transcribing the answers so that I could share them with others that might find them interesting or helpful in the context of their own career.

There’s a lot going on in the world, and there’s a lot of things people might have on their minds. The answers shared on this site are in the context of working in design and tech, though you might notice the type of topics that come up change over time, sometimes influenced by industry or world events.

Transcription editing:

Each answer is edited to remove conversational words such as “ummm” and “like”, and to remove conversation between the hosts, Bryn and Brian, so that you are left with just the answer to the question. I found this format worked better in the written form.

Reporting issues:

If you find any errors, are unhappy with your answer being published on this website, or think the edits are not true to form, please contact me via email (diana mounter @ gmail.com), DM me on twitter, open an issue or make a pull request in the GitHub repo.

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