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What keeps you up at night?

Aubrey Johnson

I think the thing that keeps me up at night is relevancy as a designer. I worry about that. I’ve been designing for about 10 years, I’m getting older, and I wonder if my stuff is just not going to be cool anymore. It really gets at me and makes me think about what I’m going to do with my future, and it’s scary. But I think that future pushes us to do something instead of just sitting there or be idle while something happens.

[Steps I’m taking to stay relevant:] About a year and a half ago I started developing on iOS’s new Swift, and I’ve been more entrepreneurial so that I’m not just locked onto a single focus of visual design, or just user experience and flows. I think those things are great and valuable, but I think being diversified helps you in the short term and it helps you in the long term if you need to shake it up and change how you’re relevant.

Aubrey Johnson is designer based in California.

This quote was taken from epidsode 107 of the Design Details podcast.

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