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What keeps you up at night?

Justin Edmund

What am I doing and is it the right thing?

I left Pinterest at a place where normally I wouldn’t have done that. I did it to force myself to be uncomfortable, to try to figure stuff out. There’s all these different thoughts that are running through my brain at any given moment right now, and I’m still not really at the end of that phase, but it’s just - am I doing the right thing? Do I really know what I’m doing?, and am I going to be able to be successful at this crazy plan that I have? Is it even a plan or is it just passing thoughts that I’m grasping onto to make some sort of semblance to my situation? That’s everything from—is starting something, something I can really do and do I have the skills to really pull that off? To—is San Francisco the right place to do it? To, if San Francisco isn’t the right place to do it, what do I do with my life there?

It’s kind of scary, but I do stay up a lot, very late, thinking about that stuff.

Justin Edmund is a Product Designer based in San Francisco, CA.

This quote was taken from epidsode 81 of the Design Details podcast.

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