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What keeps you up at night?

Randy Hunt

Something that troubles me—I think it relates to our work—we really like things to be fast. I think there’s a culture of speed. It really worries me because it doesn’t feel particularly kind. There’s something about speed that feels so aggressive. I wish that we could be a little more patient with ourselves, or with our teams, or with the product that we’re trying to develop, or with our expectations about how commerce should work. It makes me sad that stuff has to be so fast.

There’s all these outside factors. I think we internalize it and end up doing it to ourselves even if we don’t intend to, and I totally do this myself. By the way, that’s not a finger-pointing, but this really bothers me. I love the internet so much. It so awesome, but I wish the internet could take a deep breath. I wish the way I could go out and engage with it could be like “aaaaaaaah” but it feels like “bam bam bam bam bam” - that doesn’t feel sustainable to me. That keeps me up.

Randy Hunt is the VP of Design at Etsy, based in NYC.

This quote was taken from epidsode 83 of the Design Details podcast.

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